A penny for your method: AMPure substitute

NOTE:  This is a repost of an entry that I wrote for the molecularecologist.com.

This week may stand as the most exciting week of the year for decreasing the cost of PCR cleanup, DNA cleanup, and library prep. Why, you ask? Because a great paper was published over in Genome Research by Nadin Rohland and David Reich entitled "Cost-effective, high-throughput DNA sequencing libraries for multiplexed target capture".

Among several great nuggets within this paper is what the authors describe as a "[replacement for] a commonly used commercial kit (AMPure XP kit) for SPRI-clean-up steps with a home-made mix", and in the supplementary information (available to everyone), they provide the components of this home-made mix.

Below, I've added a gel image illustrating differences between this home-brew mix and commercial AMPure XP - I refer to the home-brew mix by the name of the beads in solution (SeraMag Speed Beads). The numbers above each lane show the ratio of AMPure or SeraMag Speed Beads used to product being cleaned - in this case, the product being "cleaned" is the same ladder on the far left of each image.

ampure versus serapure beads

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